The Story

Bourbon Street, a scene all too familiar to Tyler Monroe


EMO TALMIDGE’s birth should never have happened. He was born to white trash and is diagnosed as a special needs child.  The story begins in 1966 in the small Cajun town of Frampton, Louisiana, and destiny becomes distorted.  As a young teen, Emo finds his solace away from adversity on the banks of the Yorkley Bayou and there he meets TYLER MONROE.  It matters not that Tyler is black and that racial tension is rampant.  Emo finds the friendship natural and beneficial, as does Tyler, and from that relationship comes the convoluted and tragic story revealed in Magnolias Don’t Cry.  It’s a tale weaving together an assortment of disjointed personalities, political intrigue and the soul of New Orleans’ famed French Quarter. Two women of divergent ways, one a prostitute and the other a social worker, struggle towards healing the deeply etched wounds of these two boys who have become fused together by the ravages of hate and revenge.  But the women’s efforts fail as Louisiana politics interferes and in the end malevolence persists and its consequence shatters the lives of all. (See the page of Drawings for a more in-depth review of the story)